Message from the Board

On behalf of the Berks County Latino Chamber of Commerce, we have decided not to host this year's Three Kings Gala. Instead, we would like to take the time to reflect and to listen to all of our members and what matters to them in order to ensure that our members receive all of the resources and the support they need in order to make their business STRONG AND SUCCESSFUL.

2019 STRONG AND SUCCESSFUL is our theme for all Latino businesses.
Strong and successful will be our focus for all of our members, both new and existing.
Strong and successful for economic growth and prosperity.
Strong and successful for our community and the creation of wealth.
2019 will be a year of action.

Stay tuned for a networking event coming in January 2019. We will make more information available as we have it.

Thank you,
- The Berks County Latino Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

  • 10 Dec, 2018
  • Admin_chamber

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